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Our services

We can offer a full go-to-market service tailorerd to your needs

A service built with you and your customers in mind


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Marketing and brand strategy

Seeded has a pedigree in delivering a strategy that cuts through the here and now to provide a cumulative long-term gain for its client's marketing.

Utilising our five-step process, we take the broader business strategy, analyse our client's and their competitor's current marketing efforts and consider future marketing trends. The outcome is to have a marketing strategy focusing on delivery and keeping our clients one step ahead of their competitors.

Public relations

PR can considerably impact your reputation, brand awareness, and consumer perceptions. It helps build customer and stakeholder relationships, create a positive image, and drive sales. 

Practical written and verbal communication skills lie at the heart of Seeded's customer service. We maintain excellent relationships with industry journalists – seeking to make their job easier and to enhance their ability to report on our clients. 

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Social media

By leveraging the power of social media, businesses can reach a larger audience, build relationships with their customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and promote products and services more effectively. Social media marketing also allows businesses to track and monitor their results in real time, so they can adjust their approach as needed. 

Our technical expertise and marketing pedigree can help our clients to deliver social media excellence. We can provide strategic consultancy, send content from the field or ghost-write posts ourselves through the client's channel.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on engaging with people who have an established presence online.

We've found that farmers want to hear from other farmers more than ever before. To help facilitate this, we can work with our client's contacts or hunt for innovators and opinion leaders who will create a splash. We help make our client's customers work for them through effectively communicated advocacy.

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Our digital marketing service encompasses various activities such as CRM integration, running email campaigns, optimising websites, and managing search engine advertising. We can build customer relationships, increase brand awareness, drive sales, and reduce marketing costs. 

Seeded keeps up with the latest trends and tech, so you don't have to. We use digital marketing to help our clients reach their goals by connecting them with their audience cost-effectively and efficiently.


Graphic design dramatically impacts people's perception of a business, product, or service. We can use it to convey the message and personality of a brand, as well as create a professional look and feel, which can help build trust and confidence in the customer.

Excellent design makes everything come to life. Whether it's an advertisement, brochure, or email, we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful creative that nails your brief, aligns with your brand and is delivered on time. 

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Industry events are often important to a farmer's social and professional calendar. Well-planned and executed events lead to more leads and conversions than any other activity.

For face-to-face events, Seeded can offer consultancy on delivering an engaging experience for visitors that facilitates the kind of conversations our clients want.

Virtual events are here to stay. They can offer a much greater reach when planned alongside a face-to-face event programme. We provide a complete virtual event service, from planning to hosting and chairing.

How we work


Our methodology

What we have is a natural philosophy. An approach and attitude towards dealing with our clients, journalists, industry decision makers and influencers, indeed everyone we have contact with. It’s simple, and we believe it’s effective. It focuses on teamwork – that is, cooperative working with all key stakeholders involved in generating, formulating and effectively communicating a message. 

Organisations can benefit enormously from getting the right advice about their business communications and the right level of hands-on support at the right time. Our focus is always on the outcome. What matters, for instance, is not that you enjoy a reputation but that your business tangibly benefits as a result.

However similar certain companies and organisations may appear, it’s a fact that each is different. And they like to be understood. So we tailor-make our services for clients. We do not try to impose an unwieldy methodology because it previously worked for Company X.
Our approach is remarkably straightforward, totally practical and very proactive. We assess what your business needs you and will design our services to support you and your business.

Client relationships

Our approach with any client is simple. We aim to integrate ourselves within the client team so closely that we become entirely synonymous with and indivisible from the client team. Internally, client staff feel it's natural and normal to pick up the telephone and talk to or drop us an email as they do with colleagues. This way, we hear the news as it happens – we're aware of developments from the field, new sales team leads, and the boardroom's latest actions. When working at this level, we are integrated and can identify opportunities, prioritise activities and guarantee results.

Industry relationships

In much the same way, we seek proactive and long-term relationships with key stakeholders. Wherever you want to be heard, you have the same objective – delivering concise, factual information that is easy to access and easy to understand by your target audience. It sounds simple – in fact, it is a big challenge and one that many organisations fail to achieve.

Seeded can help create bridges between key industry stakeholders and staff members within the client’s organisation. These relationships are sound – they are based on trust and result in a genuinely proactive relationship between the stakeholder, Seeded and our clients. In this respect, continuity is critical. If Will Charlton is your key contact, Will works with you and your team – day in, day out, month in, month out.

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